Our curriculum seeks to explore concepts and address basic questions that recur throughout our lifetimes, such as:


  • Who am I? To what group do I belong? What binds us together?

  • What does being a "Jew" mean? What skills do I need? What is required of me?

  • Who/What is God? What is my personal relationship with God (and what do I personally believe about God)?

  • What can I do to foster life and bring about good?

  • Where can I get guidance in my life? On what ideology can I base my decisions?

  • What is my responsibility, as a Jew, to take care of the world around me?  How does the imperative to heal the world (tikkun olam) apply to me?

Teachers also address Jewish holidays each year, incorporating students' previous knowledge with new material. The Hebrew program stresses prayer and ritual Hebrew, integrating classroom study with the regular practice of weekly services.