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The Book of Genesis with Rabbi Schuldenfrei

Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays at 5pm

A nightly Torah class that starts "in the beginning"! Together we will read, discuss, and consider. Even if you have never studied the Torah before, join us and distract yourself!

By phone: 1-669-900-9128

Meeting ID: 782 898 791

Summer Beginning Hebrew with Cantor Rachel

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:30pm

NEW CYCLE starting Tuesday, July 14th​

Has learning to read Hebrew always been on your to-do list, but you never could seem to take the leap?  This class is for you!  Learn how to sound out the Hebrew from our prayer books and holy texts in a safe and fun space. Together, we will learn how to be able to follow along in services with more ease and comfort, as well as some of the many deep stories behind the letters themselves. There has literally never be a better time to finally learn how to read Hebrew!!!


No Prerequisite Required.

Suggested concurrent enrollment: Hebrew Happy Hour with Cantor Rachel.


Meeting ID: 952 0909 0631

In The Cantor's Studio with Cantor Rachel

Wednesdays at 12:30pm

Inspired by the #whatcantorsdo campaign through the Cantor's Assembly, join Cantor Rachel as she sheds new light on All Things Cantor. From the history of the Cantor to the inner-workings of exciting new Cantorial projects/compositions from around the world, this class will hold a different lens to the multifaceted, unique, often mysterious, and sometimes-misunderstood clergy role of the Hazzan. Questions will be highly encouraged in this class! This class is non-cumulative and drop-ins are welcome no matter the week. As always, beautiful music and interesting discussion is promised to all who attend.


By phone: 1-669-900-9128

Meeting ID: 174 234 291

Hebrew Happy Hour with Cantor Rachel

Thursdays at 7pm

NO CLASS July 9th​

Research has shown that people are more comfortable with the dreaded “chhhh” sound in Hebrew after a cocktail…so grab a drink and join this incredibly fun, relaxed Hebrew Reading Lab designed for readers of all skill levels.  We will continue to work on skills that improve Hebrew reading comprehension and speed, as well as learn to recognize common patterns in Hebrew.  Drinks not required, but smiles are. 


No Prerequisite Required.

Learn Modern Conversational Hebrew

Sundays, Tuesday, and Thursdays, 6-7PM

Learn modern conversational and written Hebrew with Dan and Jerry Klerman.  While this class requires no prior knowledge of Modern Hebrew, it does ask that you know how to sound out Hebrew letters and vowels (see Suggested Prerequisite).  

If you are interested, please email


Suggested prerequisite: Beginning Hebrew with Cantor Rachel.

Suggested concurrent enrollment: Hebrew Happy Hour with Cantor Rachel.

Meeting ID: 529 521 7148

Biblical Hebrew with Dan Klerman

Saturdays at 12:30pm

While this class is a continuation of an ongoing post-kiddush meeting, new students are always welcome.  This class aims to provide basic vocabulary and grammar helpful to understanding the Bible and prayers in Hebrew. While this class requires no prior knowledge of Biblical Hebrew, it does ask that you know how to sound out Hebrew letters and vowels (see Suggested Prerequisite).  If you are new to the class, kindly email Dan at


Suggested Prerequisite: Beginning Hebrew with Cantor Rachel

Suggested Concurrent Enrollment: Hebrew Happy Hour with Cantor Rachel


By phone:1-253-215-8782

Meeting ID: 529 521 7148

Move and Groove with Josie! A Total Workout for Everyone!

Tuesdays and Fridays from 11:00am - 12pm noon

All ages welcome!  Cardio and strength training to your favorite tunes. Chair can be used.  Invite your friends - WE ALL HAVE TO MOVE!


By phone: 1-669-900-9128

Meeting ID: 779 076 5532

Get Fit with Britt or Josie

Mondays & Thursdays at 11:00am

Stay fit and active from your own home with fitness instructor extraordinaires, Britt Wanek and Josie Sterling. A 30 min movement class for all ages. No equipment necessary. Just a chair for those that need, an exercise mat for those that have one.


By phone:1-669-900-9128

Meeting ID: 790 243 329    

Virtual Schmooze

Sundays from 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Check in with friends virtually for an informal chat. Pop in and out of our virtual schmooze as you like. Talk about whatever you like while staying connected with one another!


By phone: 1-669-900-9128

Meeting ID: 308 165 731  

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USY Over Summer! 

Wednesdays 7pm - 8pm

Join USY every Wednesday from 7-8pm for a fun activity!

Meeting ID: 265 249 3882 

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Havdallah with CNT

​Saturdays at 8:45pm

Join your CNT community to end Shabbat

By Phone: 1-669-900-9128

Meeting ID: 935 1308 3977

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B’nai Mitzvah Virtual Learning Parties! with Cantor Rachel

B'nai Mitzvah students

Wednesdays at 3:00pm


Let’s get together, share some funny stories of our lives on “lockdown,” check in with your BM class, get to see faces you might actually miss...and, of course learn some stuff that will make you feel like a pro at your Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  


While the class is mandatory for all students in B’nai Mitzvah training, all of the same students are promised laughs, smiles, and weekly care packages from these weekly classes.  It’s called a PARTY for a reason!  There will be contests, there will be trivia, there will be team challenges, there will be scavenger hunts, and there will be cool surprises you REALLY don’t want to miss. Basically, there will be so many things that you didn’t even know could *be* part of your B’nai Mitzvah experience!  **for those few students unable to make this time, their parents should contact Cantor Rachel directly at ASAP.  

By phone: 1-669-900-9128

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