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Veshinantam Levanecha

ושננתם לבניך

Please enjoy our series of “Veshinantam Levanecha Moments.” This is a series of videos with different Ner Tamid families sharing memories of what was handed down and what we would like to pass onto the next generation.  L'Dor v’ Dor!!! 

We hope is that it will inspire you to open your heart to give to this year’s Annual Campaign. Click here to donate. 

Rabbi Tzvi Graetz

Edna Hyatt

The Vanderhal Family

Howard Blumberg

The Spierer Family

Loni Dyner

The Puritsky Family

The Tarica Family

Bruce Levine

Jamie and Jonah Schnel

Adam Feingold

CNT President

Ami Berlin

Director of Education and Youth Activities

As we began to think of the theme for this year’s Annual Campaign, we found inspiration from the second paragraph of the Shema (שמע), the V’ahavta (ואהבת).  There is a special line in the V'ahavta that embodies a core tenet of Judaism: Veshinantam Levanecha (ושננתם לבניך) : “And you shall teach them diligently to your children”.  We see this phrase embodied in the CNT community and are pleased to share that this important phrase is our theme for the year. 

We have so much to teach the children of CNT:  the importance of Judaism,  the importance of community, the importance of coming together to support something that is greater than ourselves, and most importantly, the importance of making sure CNT  will remain a beacon of Judaism in the South Bay for another 7+ decades. This is OUR responsibility. 

Veshinantam Levanecha (ושננתם לבניך) 

Sat, July 13 2024 7 Tammuz 5784