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CLAL Curriculum

CLAL starts October 3rd. We are currently offering in-person and virtual options for  both Sunday and Weekday sessions. 

Sunday Schedule and Curriculum

Both the in-person and virtual options for Sunday sessions are 9:30am-12:00pm. 

CLAL Sunday sessions are divided by grade and include Z'Man CLAL (our welcome and introduction for the day), tefillah (prayer)/shira (singing), and learning. 

This year CLAL Sunday students in Gan (K) - Kitah Vav (6th) will participate in “The 3 +3 Project.” Over the course of this curriculum,  learners work in dialogue with Jewish tradition to collaboratively develop a definition of a good name and explore what it means to earn one. On the surface, 3 + 3 learning focuses on stories of Jews past and present.  However, on a deeper level, these explorations are designed to help children continue to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Weekday Schedule and Curriculum

In-Person Weekday Curriculum

For our in-person weekday sessions, families have the option for their students to come either Monday or Tuesday and Wednesday or Thursday (depending on if they come once or twice a week). Our Monday and Tuesday programs are the same and our Wednesday and Thursday programs are the same. Mondays/Tuesdays include individualized Hebrew programs, Hafsakah (recess), snack, and our experiential Tarbut (culture) program. Wednesday/Thursdays include individualized Hebrew programs, Hafsakah (recess), snack, and an interactive journey through the world of prayer. 

Our Hebrew program is a tefillah (prayer) based Hebrew program that is self-paced. Students work with their teacher to build their reading and prayer skills. Hebrew is for students in Kitah Bet (2nd grade) through Kitah Vav (6th grade)

Tarbut, which means “culture” in Hebrew, is one of CLAL's most popular programs.The purpose of this program is for students to learn about different edot (communities) in Judaism around the world through a variety of activities. Activities can include omanoot (art), musica (music), bishul (cooking), architectura (building), drama (drama), and tikshoret (journalism). This year we will be learning about the Ashkenazi, Sephardic, and Mizrahi communities. Each session is 6 weeks long and students share their work at the end in a showcase. 

Jewish Literacy
Jewish Literacy takes a deeper dive into topics that students may have heard of but have not learned in depth. This year, we will focus on the world of prayer. Using experiential learning activities, students will learn about the theme and meanings of a variety of prayers. We will also look at some holidays through a different lens. 

Virtual Weekday Curriculum

For our virtual weekday option, students will have 15 minute Hebrew sessions, one on one over Zoom with one of our Hebrew teachers. 

7th Grade Schedule and Curriculum

Classes for Kitah Zayin (7th grade) will take place on Sunday mornings from 9:30-12:00pm and on Wednesday afternoons from 4:00pm-6:00pm. 

Sunday Mornings
We feel that Sunday mornings is when the school is most alive and we want our Kitah Zayin students to continue to be part of that. Our Sunday morning theme for Kitah Zayin will be "Torah, Avodah, G'milut Chasadim." One of our goals for this program change is to strengthen our student's facility with tefilliot and increase their comfort with prayer service and Jewish ritual. To that end, following Z'man CLAL, students will participate in morning tefillah with Ami Berlin and Cantor Goldman. Sunday curriculum will also include interactive study of Torah, G'milut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness) and hadracha (leadership). Students will also enjoy a weekly bagel brunch.

Wednesday Afternoons
The curriculum for Wednesday afternoons will include the Holocaust and the history of Israel. Our students study the history of the Holocaust and its impact on the Jewish people and the world around us,  and learn about the events that led to the up to the establishment of Israel and the events that occurred in Israel's history between then and today. 


Thu, June 30 2022 1 Tammuz 5782