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CLAL Curriculum

All programming is currently taking place virtually. 

Sunday Curriculum

CLAL Sunday sessions begin with a school wide assembly for all grades. Classes are then divided by grade and also include tefillah (prayer)/shira (singing)

This year, our Sunday curriculum is La Briut. La Briut is an exciting new values-based curriculum designed for learners in kindergarten through sixth grade. Via four values-based  modules, each five weeks long, learners experience synchronous learning in a weekly mifgash ("gathering") by grade. Students delve into module-related content and concepts - lower elementary age children explore them through a curated box of hands-on activities, while upper elementary age children receive engaging weekly challenges. Learning is anchored in Jewish texts and talks of our past, offering rich understandings of Jewish values that build resiliency and guide personal and communal health and wellness: 

  • sukkat shalom (a shelter of peace)
  • g'vurah (courage)
  • k'hillah (community)
  • hesed (loving kindness, tying into hope)

While developed with minimal at-home responsibility for learning, resources are offered to encourage informal family conversations.

Parent Communication: Parent communication will be an important part of this program. A letter will go out (went out) introducing the program. Communication will go out introducing the new theme as we start each new theme. Sunday communication will go out after class time every Sunday. 

Monthly Cooking Challenge
Each month, we will be sharing a cooking challenge and recipe. Each recipe will be a different Jewish or Holiday recipe that you can make with your families. We will share a video introducing each challenge, explaining what the recipe is and some information about the food, and a pdf with the ingredients and steps of the recipe. If you complete the recipes, please send us photos so we can showcase them. 

May Cooking Challenge

CLICK HERE for the Cheese Blintzes Recipe

Weekday Curriculum

Our weekday curriculum includes Hebrew, Tarbut, and Jewish Literacy.

While we are virtual, Hebrew is taught through individualized one on one appointments with our teachers. Hebrew is for students in Kitah Bet (2nd grade) through Kitah Vav (6th grade)

Tarbut means “culture” in Hebrew. This year we are going to be learning about the different communities within Judaism. The Jewish community is often categorized into three major groups: Ashkenazim, Sephardim, and Mizrahim. We will learn about these cultures through Shira (Song), Architectura (Building),  Omanoot (Art), and Bishul (Cooking).

While CLAL is happening virtually, we will be uploading videos to this page with different learning opportunities and activities. These videos have been created by our Madrichim to teach you all about the different Jewish cultures, customs, and traditions. If you complete some of the activities, please feel free to send us photos or videos of your creations so we can showcase them. 

Intro to Sephardim

Sephardim: Shira (Song)

CLICK HERE to view some Sephardic Music Examples


Sephardim: Bishul (Cooking)

CLICK HERE for the Recipe for Sephardic Bunuelos


Sephardim: Architectura (Building)

CLICK HERE to view some Sephardic Architectura Examples


Sephardim: Bishul (Cooking)

CLICK HERE for the Recipe for Sephardic Charoset


Sephardim & Omanoot

CLICK HERE to view some examples for our Sephardic Omanoot Activity


Intro to Ashkenazim


Ashkenazim & Bishul (Noodle Kugel)

CLICK HERE to view the ingredients and recipe for the Noodle Kugel


Ashkenzaim & Bishul (Matzo Ball Soup)

CLICK HERE to view the ingredients and recipe for the Matzo Ball Soup


Askenazim & Omanoot (Micrography)

CLICK HERE to view some examples of Micrography


Ashkenazim & Omanoot (Paper Cutting)

CLICK HERE to view some examples of Paper Cutting


Ashkenazim & Architectura (Building)

CLICK HERE to view some examples of a Mizrah and a Shiviti


Intro to Mizrahim


Mizrahim & Bishul (Shakshuka)

CLICK HERE  for the Recipe for Shakshuka


Mizrahim & Omanoot (Poetry)

CLICK HERE for some Mizrahi poetry examples


Mizrahim & Omanoot (Yemenite Silverwork)

CLICK HERE for some examples of Yemenite Silverwork


Mizrahim & Architectura (Building)

CLICK HERE for some photos of Jewish sites and monuments

More Activity Videos Coming Soon...

7th Grade Curriculum

Our 7th grade class takes place twice a week, on Sundays and one weekday. Throughout the year we focus on three main topics: Tikkun Olam, the Holocaust, and the History of Israel. Our Sunday class focuses on Tikkun Olam and how it relates to Judaism and the world around us. 7th graders learn what Tikkun Olam is, why it is important, and different ways to make change in our world. Our weekday class focuses on the Holocaust for the first half of the year and Israel for the second half. Our students study the history of the Holocaust and its impact on the Jewish people and the world around us,  and learn about the events that led to the up to the establishment of Israel and the events that occurred in Israel's history between then and today. 

Sat, July 31 2021 22 Av 5781