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Meet Our Director

Hi!  My name is Rita Perez.  I was born and raised in Torrance, and am blessed to live in the same neighborhood where I grew up. I have been married to my husband for 42 years and am a very proud mother of 6 children and 3 grandchildren.  My passions are teaching and advocating for young children, coaching cheer and dance, singing, dancing and my family.
I have been in education for 30+ years.  I attended El Camino College, LA Harbor College, and Theoria Technical School, receiving my education in Early Childhood Education. I keep up with current best practices in my field by attending workshops, training seminars, and conferences. I have participated in many workshops led by Early Childhood Educators who have made an impact on many teachers' lives, especially my own. They inspired me to always keep my spirits alive, continue learning and teach like every day is my first.

As a mom, I have been involved as a Girl Scout Leader, Team Mom, Coach and volunteer. For 33 years I was very involved in the PTA and PTSA Board for my children's school, even at the council level.

As an Educator, I feel it is important to advocate for children.  Although academics are important, I believe that building the foundation of learning through play is the ultimate gift we could give every child. I believe children learn through play, experimenting and exploring the outdoors in an environment that allows them to choose their own learning activity.  Everyday children have something important to tell us and we must wait, be patient and listen.

My Favorite Quote!
“If it hasn’t been in the hand, the body and the heart, it can’t be in the brain.”
-Bev Bos

Our Ducklings Instructors 

Kennia Linares De Pineda - teacher

Kennia is a nature loving ray of sunshine who likes starting each class with a quick dance and stretch to help the children ground themselves in the learning environment.  She understands the importance of allowing children to explore their curiosities and likes bringing attention to the smaller details.  Her favorite activity is watching caterpillars grow into butterflies with the children.

Lucia Parra - assistant

Lucia is an outgoing supportive helper who encourages individuality and self discovery with her students.  Her favorite activity with the children is anything arts or crafts related.

Mira Valliere- assistant

Mira is a humorous silly presence in the class bringing children back to the present with funny faces and insightful quiet time dances.  She likes to empower her students, and appreciates all of her payments in the form of hugs.

Our Pandas Instructors

Gabriela Figuroa - teacher

Gabriela is our newest teacher.  She focuses on being a cheerleader for each and every one of her students, and believes it is most important to build confidence and develop her students emotional intelligence.  She strives to be a loving role model to show the kids that they are supported and accepted throughout the community.

Junghwa Jung Choi - assistant

Junghwa is a lifelong teacher, who believes it is most important to foster confidence through competence.  She does so by showing the students that she trusts them, and hopes this provides the fertilizer for the seeds of dream, vision, and hope that grow in each child.

Our Eagles Instructors

Devin Hernandez - teacher

Mayor Hernandez of the Eagles town is an accomplished leader with a staff of responsible weekly experts including calender recorders, meteorologists, botanists, electricians, lunch coordinators, and line leaders (*Not a real mayor... or town, but real responsible children*).  Devin is a playful teacher who appreciates novel responses to her open ended questions, and loves to learn from the new perspectives her students bring to each lesson.

Catherine Melendez - assistant

Catherine is an inspiring assistant who helps students be honest with themselves.  She focuses on helping her students to understand what they want personally and hopes to show them that with confidence, they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

Our TK Bears Instructors

Gunjan Singh - teacher

Gunjan is a thoughtful and understanding teacher who believes in empowering her students and that the best learning is done with hands on self led observational exercises.  Her favorite activity to do with the children is helping and watching her students express themselves in their own style during arts and crafts activities.


All preschools in the State of California must be licensed by the Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing. The David Preschool is in full compliance of all requirements and regulations.

The David Preschool License Number is 191603320.

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