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In-Person Shabbat Services RSVP

Welcome back!  We are delighted to be opening the synagogue for Friday evening and Saturday morning services.  We know it has been a long time, and we are looking forward to praying together.
In consultation with the COVID Committee, we have formulated the following protocols to ensure everyone’s safety:

1. Vaccination. Persons 12 or older must be fully vaccinated.  “Fully vaccinated” means that a person (a) has received two Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine shots or one Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine shot, and (b) it has been at least two weeks since the second Pfizer or Moderna shot or at least two weeks since the Johnson & Johnson shot.   For this week, persons 15 or under can attend even if not fully vaccinated because they may not have had enough time to get fully vaccinated.  In the near future, we will require all persons 12 or older to be fully vaccinated in order to attend in-person services.

2. Masks. Everyone must be wear masks at all time inside the CNT building, except the person singing or reading at the bimah may remove his/her mask.

3. Socially-distant seating.  The seating for one family group or “pod” will be separated by at least three feet from other family groups or pods.  People, including children, should stay in or near their seats and not wander around.

 4. No food. No food or drink will be served indoors.

Please RSVP for your party below:

In-Person Shabbat Services
Congregation Ner Tamid
There will be assigned seating, and each family/pod will be socially distanced from other families/pods.
Mask will be required
For confirmation of submission

Please supply the information below for every person attending in your family/pod, including yourself:
Sun, October 17 2021 11 Cheshvan 5782