Please note the following closures:


The CNT Office will close on Monday, April 10 at 3:00pm and reopen on Thursday, April 13. The office will again be closed on Monday & Tuesday, April 17 & 18 and reopen on Wednesday, April 19.


There will be NO CLAL from Sunday, April 2 to Tuesday, April 18. CLAL will resume on Wednesday, April 19.

Passover 2017 Festival Service Schedule

Monday, April 10 | Erev Pesach

8:00am Fast of the First Born Siyyum & Breakfast (RSVP Below)

Tuesday, April 11 | Pesach I

9:30am Passover Services

5:00pm Jammies & Jeans Young Family Seder (RSVP Below)

7:00pm "Come As You Are" Community Second Night Seder (RSVP Below)

Wednesday, April 12 | Pesach II

9:30am Passover Services

Monday, April 17 | Pesach VII

9:30am Passover Services

Tuesday, April 18 | Pesach VIII

9:30am Passover Services & Yizkor

Jammies & Jeans Young Family Seder

Tuesday, April 11 | 5:00-6:30pm

A seder for the youngest members of our family!


$10/children 5-11

$5/children 2-4

Children under 2 free

"Come As You Are" Second Night Seder

Tuesday, April 11 | 7:00pm

Join us for a new second night seder experience! Celebrate Passover in a laid back setting with great food, good friends and casual, thought-provoking conversation with Rabbi Schuldenfrei. $35 for adults and $20 for children under 13.

Guide to Making Your Home Kosher for Passover

This Guide, prepared by the Rabbinic Assembly Kashrut Subcommittee and approved by the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards, explains in detail the laws and customs regarding the dietary restrictions of Passover, the rules that remind us each time we eat of Passover’s messages for us.

Sale of Chametz Form

There is therefore a tradition of sealing in a cabinet or drawer chametz that we cannot afford to give or throw away (tape the drawer or cabinet to remind all in your home to keep it closed) and then of selling the rights to this chametz (with rights to it reverting to the original owner at the conclusion of the festival) to someone who is neither Jewish nor participating in any Passover observances (and who is therefore not bound by Jewish tradition to be rid of chametz). The CNT office will arrange for this transaction on behalf of CNT members and others in our community.

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