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CNT's Summer of Solar

Great news!  The CNT membership approved installation of solar panels on the CNT’s roof.  Solar panels will cover 100% of CNT’s anticipated electricity needs, reduce our energy bills by $20,000 per year, and help reduce global warming.

If you would like to contribute to solar at CNT, please use the form below. 

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(Mobile phone number required for any non-member.)

In an effort to support solar for Congregation Ner Tamid,  I/we wish to donate the amount indicated below.

Please note
Logged in Members:  Logged in members of Congregation Ner Tamid may add charges to their account and mail in a check or pay immediately by ACH / eCheck or Credit Card.  

Non-Logged in Members and Guests:  All others must provide payment (Credit Card or ACH / eCheck) on the next screen to complete their donation. 

Thank you!

Optional Credit Card  / eCheck Coverage Fee: The synagogue incurs  processing fees each time a member uses a credit card or eCheck. Please help us cover this cost by making an optional 2.85% donation...and it is tax-deductible. You will have an opportunity to do this on the next page before submitting your payment.

If CNT raises more money than necessary for those tasks, I authorize CNT to use the extra money for energy efficiency measures, such as window coatings to reduce heat gain and replacing our current HVAC system with a more efficient system, or for other roof work.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Congregation Ner Tamid as we celebrate the new year, we wish you continued health and safety, and hope to be together on our beautiful campus very soon.

Todah Rabah!


Sat, March 25 2023 3 Nisan 5783